Serenity Flows Products
Handmade Soaps
Available this summer 2018

  • Purple Rain - Lavender w/shea butter - cream color with purple swirls
  • Morning Thunder Tea Tree - Peppermint w/poppyseeds & peppermint herbs
  • Zest for Life - Lemongrass - Patchouli w/castor oil & lemongrass herbs
  • Neroli - Lemon Verbena w/mango butter - orange color w/white swirls
  • Kuka Berra Spearmint w/castor oil - green color w/ blue swirls
  • Zesty Lemongrass - w/lemongrass herbs on top of soap bar
  • Ocean Waves - Jasmine - Lemon - Lime w/mango butter - blue & teal color swirls
  • Sandalwood Cloves - w/shea butter - deep orange/red color w/white swirls
  • Penny Lane -Patchouli - w/castor oil - reddish brown color swirl
  • Salty Seas - Tea Tree & Eucalyptus w/himalayan salt
  • Eucalyptus - Lavender - w/castor oil - purple color w/teal swirls
  • ​Bay Rum Lime Loofa w/shea butter - lime color swirls
  • Blood Orange Vanilla w/mango butter -orange swirls
  • Cedarwood Sage w/avocado oil & poppy seeds
  • Cinnamon Cedarwood w/wheatgerm oil - deep red color swirl
  • Coconut Sweet Almond w/shea butter - white color swirls
  • Eucalyptus Exfoliator w/castor oil & detox herbs
  • Extra Strength Peppermint w/avocado oil & peppermint herbs on top
  • Kuka Berra -Spearmint w/castor oil -green & blue color swirls
  • Lilac w/avocado oil - purple color top half of soap
  • ​Rosemary Peppermint w/shea butter & peppermint herbs
  • Zesty Ginger Loofa w/shea butter - lemongrass, ginger, litsea cubeba
  • Ylang ylang patchouli w/mango butter - half teal color, half yellow color

Soy Candles
Scented with the 
following fragrances

  • Extreme Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Mango Papaya
  • Green Apple
  • Sandalwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Patchouli
  • Lemongrass
  • Nag Champa

 Candles available only during the
     green market season​

Whipped Shea Body Butter

Made with organic unrefined raw shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils  
Relaxing Blend
Rosewood Lavender
 Eucalyptus Lavender
Sandalwood Cloves
Lip Balms

Lip Balms - made with beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter, 
sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, essential oil, rosemary oil extract, vanilla extract

​Pain Relief Ointment 

Extra Extra Strength Muscle Relief Balm 
A natural remedy for sore muscles and joints
Beeswax, menthol crystal, camphor, clove, cajeput, 
cinnamon essential oils, lanolin

Organic Sugar Body 

Sugar scrub is great for extremely sensitive skin. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin leaving it smooth and soft.
Very different from a salt scrub because it is not as abrasive.

  • Neroli-Lemon Verbena
  • Purple Rain (Lavender)